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October 2019

RMP03: The National Health Insurance Audiobook P02

By Rainbow Podcast

The solution to America’s healthcare problems, National Health Insurance as created by William Ulrich and Dennis Paulaha, PhD economist, is a plan which mimics the coverage and administrative excellence of Medicare but is strongly against any Medicare for all plan, will increase the health, happiness, and well-being of Americans, increase incomes, profits, and economic growth, and, according to their research, add nothing to government spending. Some might call that a miracle; they say it is just common sense.

RMP01: Overview of National Health Insurance

By Rainbow Podcast

We should never have expected private, for-profit health insurance companies that have to answer to shareholders to do something they cannot, or will not, do, which is to insure people who cannot afford to pay or put the health and lives of their clients above profits. There are things, as every economist can tell you, that cannot be handled well enough by private individuals and companies. National defense is one. Protecting property rights is another. Providing an economic infrastructure that is good for incomes and profits is another. And healthcare and health insurance.